Erikousa and Corfu Photo Gallery

Erikousa and Corfu are not just the setting of When The Cypress Whispers, they are truly my favorite places on Earth.  There is a magical quality to these islands that I think everyone should experience at least once in their lives.  If you can’t book your ticket just yet – the next best way to experience the beauty of Erikousa and Corfu are through the stunning photos of my cousin, Effie Orfanou.  The best summers of my life were spent in Greece with Effie, exploring the islands,  dancing on tables and perfecting our belly dancing skills.  Effie has now perfected her artistry though these stunning images  of the islands that mean so much to us. I’m sure you’ll love her – and them, as much as I do.

This is only a sample of Effie’s work – to purchase some of her photos or see more – please contact her at